Principal: Ute Paubandt
Deputy-Head: Mrs. Spyra

First foreign language: English
Second foreign languages: Spanish and French
Third foreign languages: French, Spanish, Latin and Chinese

Werner-von-Siemens-Gymnasium is located in Nikolassee, a green-belt district to the southwest of Berlin and close to lake Schlachtensee. The school’s main focus is on science and modern languages.

All of our rooms have access to the internet and modern whiteboards or smartboards or data projectors. The rooms in the science department are all very well equipped.

Cafeteria and canteen
We share a modern dining hall/canteen with Tews Primary School which offers a choice of hot meals for lunch. Additionally the school has a cafeteria which is run by parents. Different snacks and drinks are on offer here.

All our pupils have English as their first foreign language. In year 7 they can decide whether they would like to take French or Spanish as a second foreign language.

Special courses:
Werner-von-Siemens-Gymnasium has had classes for gifted and talented pupils since 1993. These classes start in year 5 and offer English as the first language and French as the second foreign language. As these pupils are able to learn faster than other children, they will be able to work on additional interesting projects.

Options in year 8 and 10
Our school offers a huge variety of subjects that pupils can choose from. In year 8 pupils have to select their first compulsory option. They can choose between science  and languages (Latin, Spanish and Chinese) and can keep this language up to A level. In year 10 the pupils will have to select a second subject.  They can choose between Russian, information technology, mathematics, astronomy, economics, art, music and geography.

Again Werner-von-Siemens-Gymnasium offers a wide range of subjects at elementary and advanced level from which pupils can choose.

Extra-curricular activites
To consolidate our science provision, we have been working for several years now with the Free University and the University of Technology of Berlin and this gives pupils the chance to undertake individual research projects. Our A-level pupils also have the chance to participate in various seminars which should help them make decisions about their future careers.
Depending on staff availability, our pupils are offered various extra-curricular activities, some of which are even organised by pupils from our school. At the moment they can choose from different sporting activities or they can join one of our choirs, orchestras or the jazz band. We also have a computer club and Russian and Chinese courses.

Social life/school life
To help new pupils settle in, they are looked after for the first few months by older pupils. We also have one lesson each week in which pupils can discuss with their form tutor anything of interest or talk through any problems they may have. In addition we have a mediation team which helps to solve conflicts within our school community.
We are proud that our parents, teachers and PTA work together closely and the latter has made a great contribution to the well-being of our pupils, supporting various extra-curricular activities and providing equipment for the school. As already mentioned the parents run a cafeteria which has become an indispensable part of school life.
Last but not least our school has wonderful partners worldwide so that we can arrange regular exchange visits for our pupils with schools in China, Spain, Russia, France and England.